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CFO Services

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What are CFO services? 

As a business owner, being caught up with number crunching on a daily basis leads to the risk of ignoring the important aspects of finance administration that actually lead to business growth. What you need is a strategic partner to manage financial reporting, budgeting, implement systems and controls, and oversee a number of other finance related issues.

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What can we do

By utilising Apex Advisors CFO services, it just like having your own company’s CFO.  We can be an integral part of your team who can interact with staff, clients, vendors, and bankers. The biggest advantage is you don’t have the hassles of hiring a full-time employee. We have rich work experience and can act as a mentor and provide valuable assistance in:

• Helping you create and establish short and long term financial goals

Work alongside to design and implement efficient finance functions

• Evaluate current accounting processes and rectify any problem areas

• Enhance the levels of inter-departmental communication to ensure that employees concerned are aware of and work towards achieving your financial goals

• Perform job costing and determine accurate profit margins

• Design systems that integrate various transactions in order to gain realistic and valuable financial information

• Conduct independent strategic reviews

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Does your business need an outsourced CFO? 

Whether you are a small business owner or larger company, an outsourced CFO can provide high quality services tailored to suit your type of business. Having an expert accountant or a CFO that multitasks helps to achieve good financial health.

Your business may be growing but you aren’t in a position yet to hire a full time CFO. On the other hand, business growth may be stagnant and you need unbiased advice on how to implement effective and practical strategies to fulfil your financial goals. This is where an outsourced CFO can provide valuable assistance and strengthen your finance and accounting team.

Is your finance function supporting your business?

Finance Structure

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How an outsourced CFO can help your business?

Engaging the services of an outsourced CFO is a wise decision when you need help to get the most out of your finance function. A CFO can provide part-time, fractional or project-based services. As your strategic partner, an outsourced CFO can assist your business in several areas.

• Provide an independent, unbiased, and objective view of your current financial status and offer strategic direction

• Advice on budgeting, management reporting and strategic consulting from financial experts experienced in a variety of industries

• Grow and expand into new markets

Minimise risks that lead to business interruption and failure

• Set guidelines to get your finances geared for growth

• Act as your advisor and mentor to cope with problems quickly

• Manage tax and compliance obligations