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Are you planning to sell a business?

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The key to selling a business

Proper planning can make a real difference to what you get when you sell a business. How do you get the best price? Who is the right buyer? How do you keep the tax bill low on the proceeds? How do you get the most from your business sale?

Following a diligent process is key to obtaining the best possible price for your business. The process includes:

1. Planning & preparation

2. Marketing & drafting a contract

3. Presentation & meetings with buyers

4. Negotiation & closing the deal


Process of selling a business

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Need help with selling your business?  

Here are a few things to ask yourself:

• What is the true value of your business?

• Will your business attract interest?

• Is everything ready for a ‘smooth’ sale?

• How can you increase the value of your business?

• When is the right time to sell your business?

• Who might be interested?

• What are the tax implications of your business sale?

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Get help from Apex Advisors

So what does all this mean? It means that by using Apex Advisors, you can be assured that our team will be working to achieve the best possible price for your company when you decide to sell.