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Planning to start a business?

Porters 5 Forces

Are you thinking of starting a business?

The best way to start a business is with professional help. There are so many factors that need to combine seamlessly if you want to run a profitable venture. With professional advice you can set your business on the right path and experience significant growth much faster than you expect.

How will you compete?

Before you start a business you consider how intense the competition will be and how you intend to compete. The are two well known models from Michael Porter from Harvard Business School that illustrates how to assess the level of competition and how businesses can gain a competitive advantage.

The first model being the "Porters 5 Forces" that assess the competitive rivalry.

The second model is "Porters Competitive Strategy" which shows what strategy a business uses to compete.

Both models should be reviewed before you consider starting a business. 




Competitive Advantage

Factors to consider before starting a business  

No business can succeed without a road map. A comprehensive business plan is the first step towards launching a profitable venture. For further details of what a business plan includes, download "Apex Advisors Business Plan".

Other additional factors you should consider are;

- Calculate the amount of capital you require and what you need it for

- What assets do I need?

- Do you need initial funding for your business?

- Identify a business structure based on your personal situation and future plans


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Seek professional help to start a business

Deal with a professional accountant - To equip yourself with vital information, advice and tips on starting a business, there is nothing more valuable than to deal with a professional. Apex Advisors Chartered Accountants has the resources to offer all the advice you need to launch a successful business with a high potential for growth.

Choose an accounting firm that’s flexible – At Apex Advisors, we believe in growing with our clients. We assist businesses right from their launch, help them achieve growth, and implement the right exit plan as well.

Your accountant is your advisor – Rather than juggle figures and indulge in number crunching, our experts offer all the advice you would ever need on planning and running a profitable business. Being business owners themselves, our specialists can help you overcome business challenges.

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Apex Advisors can help

Our team at Apex Advisors can help you:

• Set up your business

• Prepare a viable business plan

• Procure appropriate and affordable finance

• Manage your cash flow needs

• Manage book-keeping and accounts

• Tax planning and paperwork

• Implement payroll, IT, and accounting systems

• GST & PAYG registration

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Call us for practical solutions on starting a business

Whether you run a small business or are in the process of starting up your own, we have all the information you need to get your business off the ground. If you are a small business in Mittagong, Bowral, Moss Vale, Camden, Picton, Narellan or Campbelltown, you can count on our team to guide you through the process.